All about my brows!

Hello, everyone! My brows are one of my most asked questions. So I assumed it would only be fitting for me to do a blog all on them as well as tips and tricks. Please excuse my lack in being able to offer proper pictures/pictorials.. I’m still getting used to the blogging word! Now, lets get started!! One thing you should always keep in mind about brows is that they are NOT twins, they’re more like sisters. Also know that brows can be just as frustrating as getting that perfect winged liner or applying falsies beautifully but just like all of these practice WILL make perfect! So don’t get disappointed if you don’t get it looking well the first couple times 🙂 I have been doing brows for about 2 1/2 years and still have funky days were I can never get them right!

Brows are the frame of our face so having neat, full and well kept brows will make a colossal difference in your look. I, personally, have very thin and very blond eye brows and that’s why I fill in mine. You can have normal brows but have a few sparse places were they are not even and just fill them in. You can be one of those young ladies who got a little overzealous with tweezers and plucked them to nothing (We’ve all been there, am I right? Haha.) and just need to lengthen. No matter the case of crazy brows they can always be managed!

Before you begin actually doing the application you want to make sure you have all the tools and also the correct color. You want them to look as natural as possible and using a black on someone who say has blonde hair is not going to be very flattering. If you are more normal to tan skinned and decide to use a shadow I suggest using a MATTE, warm brown shade. For more light/pale skinned use a cool toned shadow. If you can purchase a dual shadow palette with like a light warm shade and then a darker one would be perfect. I know NYX and ELF both have products like that and are very affordable! You are also going to need a spooley and a flat angled brush.

I always pretty much do my brows after my foundation and powder because it makes your brows stay on longer when the powder has something to adhere to; the foundation can act as a primer for the shadow you put on you brows. I begin with taking the spooley and brushing the hairs in the shape I want. Having dipped the angle brush in the darker matte shade, I start brushing in horizontal strokes in the MIDDLE of my brow going from the BOTTOM and fading up. Never start at the beginning of your brow, you always want that to be the lightest area and then it fade darker to the tail of your brow. So brush through starting at the middle going to the end and the less product comes of your brush you can start brushing to the front with a very light hand. I just continue this process going along with my natural hairs while periodically combing through them with a spooley until I’m satisfied. Then I go in with the Ready to wear design a brow pen and just go along the bottom of my brow to sharpen it up and also flick it up in the start of my bro to darken it up in just the tiniest bit and make it look more natural. Last I go in with any flat definer brush with a small amount of concealer on the brush to clean up any mess ups. I normally just do it underneath but when I want a more defined brow to do with a dramatic eye look Ill do it both underneath and on top. Lastly, I go in with benefits Gimme Brow brow gel to comb my hairs into place and insure that they do not move all day. This step is totally optional but I definitely recommend it because it is an amazing product! It has fibers that adhere to your brows and make them look more full and natural. They only have two colors, light brown and dark brown. I always purchase the light one because I use it mostly in the inner corner and remember we always want that area light! Also for on days when I’m lazy and just go too dark on my brows I can lighten it up with the brow gel since it does have that light tint to it. Or also on days when I do “no makeup” makeup looks Ill use that alone on my brows for a light amount of color and volume so you can at least see some of my hairs. This product works wonders so again, highly recommend it! And that is how I do my brows! I hope you found this helpful. Thank you so much for clicking in and reading. God blesIMG_20140808_102526-1s! Xx


Review/Beginner Recommendation

Hello, beautifuls! Today I want to talk about the Smashbox full exposure palette. I highly recommend this to any who are just beginning to work with shadows. It is a high end product so it will be on the more pricey side but it will definitely be worth EVERY penny. It comes with 14 shades. 7 shimmers and 7 matte colors with all awesome pigmentation. They are all pretty warm toned, neutral colors (so those from young to more mature skin can still use this palette because of that) , light colors, browns, deep chocolate, a gold– that kind of thing! So you can go with light shades during the day and then blend in some deep browns for night time wear. In the palette it comes with a double ended brush to apply the shadow, a bonus full exposure mini mascara, and also a cheat sheet that tells you the best way to apply the shadows according to your eye type. You cant go wrong with a guide! I highly recommend this for everyone because you really do get your moneys worth and it is very hepful. God bless! Xx (Here is what the palette looks like and also swatches of all the colors.)

Correcting the base of the face

Happy Monday! Today I want to talk about foundation. Foundation is the canvas to your make-up artistry. So you want it to always look smooth and flawless to be able to cooperate with other products going on top. One of my holy grail foundations is the L’Oreal paris true match liquid foundation. It is crazy blendable, has a large range of colors and is really long wearing for a drugstore foundation! My first step to a beautifully applicated foundation is priming the face. When im going for a much more dewy look I use the Magic lumi light infusing primer which is also a L’Ordeal product so it is affordable! Otherwise I just moisturize my freshly cleaned face and go right into make up. The purpose of a primer is just for your make-up to have something to adhere to and stay longer.  So unless you’re going for a specific look (dewy, highlighted, etc) a clean moisturized face is all you’ll need. (: To apply foundation you can use a foundation brush, beauty blender, or just your clean fingers. But, no matter what tool you use you want to make sure when you are applying the foundation you use a downward patting motion. Going downward will lay all the possible hairs/peach fuzz that is on the face down and be less noticeable. Hair all over is just an unfortunate thing us all ladies carry! Also, using a dabbing motion will press the product into the skin and stay there as opposed to when you swipe, you’ll just continue to move the product all over and cause it to set unevenly. After I have gone through all this I’d just continue with my regular routine- concealing, highlight, and setting powder. I use a MAC translucent powder because its light weight and doesn’t change the color of the product underneath. When you go to set all your make-up I do NOT advise you to use a foundation powder because it will cake up very quickly. You want to use a light powder and only in the areas you know you get most oily. For me thats my T zone and sides of my nose. Here is a picture of the foundation. With them having a large range of colors you can get one that matches you, a darker shade, and a lighter shade and use those to cream highlight and contour. Knock THREE birds with one 🙂 [want to know about cream highlighting and contouring check out my veyr first blog.] Hope I was helpful. Let me know if you have any of your own prefered foundation or suggestions. Id love to know! God bless! Xx


Anti-redness tips: high end and low end

One way to prevent redness from peeking out, whether it is rosacea, blemishes,  or breakouts,  is using a green primer. We use a green one because green and red are opposites on the color wheel so they counteract each other. You want to neutralize the redness and using green will help. My recommendations would be the NYX photo- loving primer anti redness. You just use a little more than a pea size and apply it all over your face with clean fingers or a brush before applying foundation. NYX is a drugstore product so it is very affordable for those looking to save more. If you’re looking for a more high end product I suggest the Smash box photo finish color correcting adjust. It is equally as workable as the NYX but just tends to be more long wearing. 


Hope you found all helpful! Comment/like if you enjoy these tips and share if you know different ones yourself. God bless! Xx 

NYX butter lipsticks & butter lip glosses review

I have officially hopped onto the butter bandwagon!I have only purchased two lipsticks and glosses along with a lip liner but my purchases will not end with them! They are absolutely great for being inexpensive products.
this lip is the NYX retractable lip liner in natural and the butter lipstick in candy button bonbons. Its the perfect pinky nude.
the next lip is the lip liner in ruby and butter lipstick in JuJu Amulette. It is the perfect daytime wear. It has the perfect amount of orange undertones and just a beautiful bright red!
next is the butter lip gloss in fortune cookie with the same nude lip liner in natural. The glosses are the next best thing! They are super smooth and only slightly tacky to keep it longwearing.
my last gloss is angel food cake and is just a step up darker from the average nude. Its beautiful and smells delicious!

Make-up for my glasses wearing gals!

When I wear my glasses I tend to try to stick to a more lightweight foundation because with glasses you can tend to get build up and cakeyness between your brows and/or the bridge of your nose. The three main things you want to focus on most when wearing glasses are your brows, eyes, and under eye.
Your brows are the frame of your face and wearing glasses near that area can draw attention to them so you want to make sure that they are neat and filled in evenly. Even if you’re not one to fill in your brows, still take a spooly or a brow comb and comb through them, giving them a little shape. Something so simple can make a big difference.
When wearing glasses it can kind of cast a shadow onto your face during different kinds of lightning. Because of this you want to make sure you have a bright under eye. Making that area bright with a lighter foundation or concealer can help you seem more awake and less sleepy too.
For the over all eye area I am just wearing a light shadow over my whole lid and a matte brown shade in my crease for the tiniest bit of dimension. You don’t want a bunch of crazy dark colors. I also have curled my lashes, applied mascara and eyeliner in my water line and tight line. (P.S. wearing waterproof mascara will hold your curl of the lashes much longer than regular mascara. ) You want the eye look to look clean and bright. Hope all was helpful, God bless! Xx IMG_20140614_135859

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